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Christine's Easter Swim

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April 22 - 24, 2011

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First Group - On Our Way
Sea Cave by Tents

Catching the Wind
Cliff-Side Camp Site

Major Construction & Engineering Project
First Dinner

Creative Egg Coloring
The Adventure Begins

 Danger & Warning = Must Do
Up the First Gorge

Very Low Stream Flow . . .
. . . Usually You Can Swim to Where Patti is Sitting

Climbing Required This Time
Janet Jumps

Team Work
First Adventure Complete

Christine's Banyon
Waterfall Poseurs

The Second Gorge Swim
Merle Makes the Leap

Pyrotechnics Easter Morning Campsite

Jumpers Janet in the Falls

Doug Getting Shoulder Massage
Doug & Pam Singing Show Tunes

Patti & Janet

Lynne & Alie
Contemplative Merle

Bathing Beauties
Leaping Pam

Me & Falls
The Sunday Group

Up to the Next Series of Falls
On the Rocks

Wide View

Warming Up
Doug & the Falls

Ascending to the Next Level
Doug & Falls

Black Sand Beach
Big Shore Cave

Home Sweet Home

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