Aluminum Man Series Maui

* * the Not-So-Serious . . . Series * *

...No entry fees or forms...
...No membership but lots of friendship...
...Sunday mornings at 8:00am SHARP...
...Low in fat and no cholesterol...
...Masks, snorkels, and fins very acceptable...
...Relays encouraged...
...Event day sign-up for door prizes...
...A day at the beach in paradise! See you there!!!
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Seven times a year a group of sweet, sweaty, some serious and most not-so-serious Aluminum men 
and women (most of us aren’t made of IRON afterall) meet at one of Maui’s beautiful beaches for what is
really a frolicking fun group workout. It usually consists of a 1/2 mile swim over colorful fish and
a 3 to 4 mile run through pretty scenery. It’s fun. It’s faaaaassssssstttttt.....if you want to be fast,
or SLOW if you don’t. If spiritual pursuits are your passion and exercise is your meditation, then I
promise you will experience some form of “Alumination” during the Aluminum Man. If not, then at the
very least you will have gotten some endorphins out of the deal. (We all know how good those are or we
wouldn’t be spending hundreds of dollars a year on running shoes, right?)
So, come on down to the beach to the next Aluminum Man--see the 2004 and 2005 Calendars--and try it.
As Jaiom “The Aluminum Man” Berger would say, “Live well, live aloha!” Hope to see ya’ there